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Lifetime Guarantee

At Michael & Son, we believe you should live worry free in your home. That's why we proudly back the majority of our plumbing repairs with our industry leading limited lifetime Guarantee.

Our no frills, gimmick free guarantee is covered by every repair done by a certified Michael & Son technician because we stand behind every job. Our limited lifetime guarantee is backed by over 38 years of experience and our reputation for quality work.

So relax and live worry free with Michael & Son!

Toilet Repair in Frederick, MD

Get $75 Off Toilet Replacement

$75 Off Toilet Replacement

A running or leaking toilet is not only an annoyance, but can be expensive as well. The longer you wait to repair it, the more water and money you're flushing away. Whether your toilet is running or it has another problem, you can depend on us to provide toilet repair in Frederick, Maryland. We know to make sure your toilet runs for the right reasons.

As a full-service plumbing company, Michael & Son Frederick has the best tools and the most qualified team to repair your toilet. Whether you have an old or new toilet, we are able to fix it. Don't flush your money away by using the wrong plumbers. If your toilet has sprung a leak or is not draining properly, allow us to inspect it to see if it needs toilet repair or replacement.

When You Need Toilet Replacement
Even though we are specialists in the plumbing field, there some things we cannot fix, such as cracked porcelain and inefficient toilets. There comes a time when toilet replacement is inevitable. The good news is that it is much more affordable than you may think. Depending on your needs and your budget, we can select and install a toilet that is right for you. You may need to replace your old toilet if you notice any of the following:

 Frequent Repairs
 Cracked Porcelain 
 Recurring Clogs 
 Unsightly Scratches
 Poor Water-Use Efficiency
 Small or Uncomfortable Seating
 Slow or Inefficient Flushing Power

Money-Saving Toilets
You probably never thought that a toilet could save you money. Depending on the size of your family and the number of toilets in your home, a large amount of water is used every time you flush. As a cost-conscious homeowner, you can save money by replacing your toilets with water-conserving models.

In fact, old toilet models use three to five gallons of water per flush. Over time, those gallons add up and so does your energy bills. By providing toilet replacement, we install toilets that use 1.6 to two gallons per flush. If you are a family of four, you'll save a minimum of 71 gallons a day by replacing your old toilet with a new model. That is 497 gallons a week, 2,130 gallons a month, and more than 25,915 gallons year!

Contact us for toilet repair if your running toilet is keeping you up at night. We proudly serve customers in Frederick, Hagerstown, Walkersville, Emmitsburg, Smithsburg, Ijamsville, Thurmont, Myersville, and Funkstown, Maryland.