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Duct Cleaning in Frederick, MD

Save Up to $75 Off Per Zone

Is your home making you sick? Allergies, cold, and headaches can all be symptoms of a dirty duct system. If you haven't arranged for air duct cleaning in a while, then it could be the source of the problem.

Breathe clean and toxin-free air in your home again when you trust Michael & Son Frederick for duct cleaning in Frederick, Maryland.

Dust, mold spores, pollen, and dead skin are present in nearly every duct system. You don't want to breathe them into your lungs. Fully equipped with the latest tools and technology, we provide thorough air duct cleaning that ensures your ventilation system is perfectly clean again. Our HVAC technicians are well trained and committed to providing exceptional services.

$75 Off Duct Cleaning

Neat & Effective Air Duct Cleaning
It's easy and affordable to clean your air ducts when you depend on our team. Using an advanced system, we remove all of the dust in your vents without making a mess in your home. By providing air duct cleaning, we not only create a cleaner environment, but we also boost the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. This allows clean air to flow more freely throughout your home. You may need air duct cleaning services if you:

 Live in a New or Remodeled Home
 Suffer from Allergies or Asthma
 Smoke Cigars, Pipes, or Cigarettes
 Own Dogs, Cats, or Other Pets
 Notice Excessive Dust Buildup in Your Home
 Experience Sneezing or Headaches When You're Inside
 Have Poor Ventilation in Your Home


Why Cleaning Ducts Is Important
Sunlight through windows creates a warm ambiance in your home. However, if those sun rays reveal thousands of dust particles, you need to take action. Those dust particles indicate your duct system is filled with contaminates. The problem is—they are being circulated throughout your home.

In fact, approximately 40 pounds of dust builds up in your duct system each year. By cleaning ducts in your home, we evict the dust and airborne toxins from your living area. Allow us to provide comprehensive air duct cleaning so you can enjoy the sun through the windows without worry about floating dust particles.

Contact us for free estimates and affordable rates when you need air duct cleaning. We proudly serve customers in Frederick, Hagerstown, Walkersville, Emmitsburg, Smithsburg, Ijamsville, Thurmont, Myersville, and Funkstown, Maryland.