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Boiler Repair in Frederick, MD

Has your old boiler stopped boiling? Turn up the heat again by depending on Michael & Son Frederick for prompt and thorough boiler repair in Frederick, Maryland. If you can't fix it, we can!

Our company has provided comprehensive HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services for more than 30 years. Don't boil over in frustration if your boiler is broken. Instead, rely on our team to fix the problem for you.

Whether your unit is cracked, excessively noisy, or failing to effectively heat your home, we have solutions that bring warmth to you and your family again. We work on all makes and models of boilers. Our technicians have the training, experience, and tools to locate the problem. After doing so, they provide immediate and affordable boiler repair.

Boilers Frederick

You Need Boiler Replacement
Monthly bills really start to boil over when you have an inefficient boiler. Like all HVAC systems, boilers become less efficient over time. They are susceptible to wear and tear as well as eventual failure. In order to save you money, we do our very best to repair your system. We have all of the parts needed in our fully stocked trucks and warehouses to provide prompt repairs.

However, there comes a point when boiler repair is impractical, impossible, or not cost effective. Allow our technicians to inspect your boiler to see if it needs to be repaired or replaced. Either way, we offer our services at affordable rates and also feature excellent financing plans. You made need boiler replacement if you notice any of the following:

 No Heat or Minimal Heat
 Thermostat Issues
 Loss of Pressure
 Water Leakage 
 Banging, Whistling, or Gurgling Noises
 Pilot Light Goes Out
 Frozen Condensate Pipe
 Unit Keeps Shutting Down
 Cracked Tank

How a Boiler Works
Boilers are dependable and cost-effective heating systems that supply consistent warmth to your home. They are less noisy than a traditional HVAC system, and they circulate warm, clean air without stirring up dust. Inside of the tank, the boiling water produces steam, which is then dispersed through a piping system that runs throughout your home. The heat from steam is then transferred to radiators and floor vents to create warm and comfortable living areas.

Contact us for a boiler inspection if your unit is making strange noises. We proudly serve customers in Frederick, Hagerstown, Walkersville, Emmitsburg, Smithsburg, Ijamsville, Thurmont, Myersville, and Funkstown, Maryland.